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Pitts: 'Bake sale' showed recipe for freedom
I have no beef with the student Republicans.

Silva: Buy Australian, but drink it locally
There was a time when the word out on the street was, "Let the Australians export all the Shiraz they want. Soon no one's going to want that stuff anymore." Or something like that.

Blueprint: How you can help
The Athens Nurses Clinic Inc.: Donations of $10-$15 Athens Farmers Market gift certificates. Farmers Market gift certificates will help clients to obtain organic and healthy food.

King shows stuff for scouts
At approximately the same time Georgia students began their first day of class, former Georgia running back Caleb King auditioned for the NFL.

Tedrow: What is this white fuzzy stuff?
I have some white fuzzy stuff on the stems my coneflowers and phlox. Sometimes there are small insects in the fluff. There doesn't seem to be any damage to the plants, but it doesn't look nice. What is this stuff and what can I do to get rid of it?

Indian Tags

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